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Shooting Vision Opticians The Premier Company Supplying Shooting Specific Prescription Glasses in the UK. Call: 01275 838 532
J.H.Steward (Bisley) Opticians have been helping shooters for over 80 years. We have the experience and the latest range of shooting glasses for all disciplines. We will give you best advice on all aspects of your target rifle, pistol, archery and clay prescription shooting glasses. Call us on: 01275 838 532.
NEWS ZEISS-SPORTS POLYCARBONATE Prescription Glasses ONE Pair £179.90 TWO Pairs £289.90 Optimum clarity requires different tinted lenses for different light conditions. NEW One complete pair with PHOTOSPORT Photochromic lenses £249.90 NEW See us at Bisley 2019 May 25, 26 July 20, 21, 23 Aug 10 ,11, 13, 16 Oct 19, 20 Contact us or see us at Bisley.
• Latest model  from Zeiss • For clay, game  shooting and  field archery • Eye dominance  problems?  Accessories  available. • For rifle   shooting • Off-set,   fixed front   frame EYE DOMINANCE PROBLEMS? We have several accessories to help your sighting problems. These include tinted filters, blurring film and Easy Hit fiber optic foresight bead. We specialise in prescription modifications to enhance your accuracy when shooting. Contact us for your full assessment in Bristol.
• For target rifle,  pistol & archery • Multi adjustable • 5 models  now available • Many optional  accessories We can supply lenses & holders for Gehmann, Anschutz and Centra rear-sights CLAY SHOOTERS: We specialise in prescription shooting glasses and can recommend the most suitable lens protection. Contact us for further details. ARCHERY: Special package for archers. Knobloch archery glasses with prescription lenses only £159.90 complete. Ask for details.
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